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We want to offer our customers only the most optimal solutions. We therefore start by discussing all your requirements, brainstorm about the possibilities, carefully look at and consider the environment in which the solution will be installed, and extensively discuss our recommendations. We then start on the design, which we discuss with you at regular intervals. The solution is then implemented, during which we will always ensure that any disruption surrounding the assembly is minimised.



Amadea Technologies develops software for visual solutions together with specialised partners with expert knowledge of digital signage, narrowcasting, and augmented reality.

digital signage display is an easy way to guide your visitors to a particular location, for example your shop, trade fair or business. A simple configuration can transform a paper map into an interactive, multi-touch application in the form of a digital map. Parts of the map can be divided into categories and what’s more, banners can be added and linked to locations on the map.

Narrow casting allows you to create your own video channel to inform your target audience. Using this channel, you can provide information about your company or products, or even the weather, current news, and traffic information. The ability to display third-party advertising can make narrowcasting commercially interesting. We can provide a complete system, which is easy to operate from a clear interface.

Augmented reality allows you to add virtual objects to a real environment. This technology really makes everything possible and is therefore truly custom work. Amadea Technologies has a development team that will help you think about your wishes and requirements and the myriad possibilities offered by our company.


For any other software requirements or ideas about creating an experience for your customers or target audience, or for support, you can contact us via:


Our content consultants will ensure that your content perfectly fits your chosen solution. This will allow you to not only get the most out of your solution, but out of your content as well. It is important to keep your content up-to-date and continually refresh it, which we can also help you manage. Although we can handle the whole process for you, you will never lose control of the bigger picture. We can help you keep your content fresh and your message strong!


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