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LED furnishings and fittings

Amadea Technologies is the ideal partner for furnishing your meeting room, boardroom, or auditorium.
By combining the endless technical possibilities of Amadea with the stylish, perfectly-finished furniture of our partner WAVEinside, we can provide a perfectly furnished and efficient meeting space.

Led Lightning

Amadea Technologies designs and develops design and custom LED lighting fixtures for every industry and business premises. We have been doing this professionally for 6 years now, together with our specialized manufacturers. Thanks to this unique collaboration, Amadea has all the knowledge to make your LED lighting issues a success.

LED lighting fixtures can be put into production in various shapes, sizes and colors. Think, for example, of standard length fixtures, but we are certainly also challenged to design, produce and deliver oval, round and other creative models.

In addition to complete fixtures, we also supply a wide range of (dot-free) LED strips, aluminum profiles and mounting suspension systems that meet your needs.

By using various high-quality LED driver brands with all available control protocols if desired, we can seamlessly connect to existing protocols or building management systems, such as Dali but also DMX systems.

The advantage of our LED systems and diversity of solutions is that we dare to say that we can design, produce and deliver a high-quality and affordable but also sustainable solution within your lighting plans.

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